I BELIEVE video goes viral

By: Amy Cannon | Posted on: 10 Apr 2023

With over 100,000s of views in a few hours, the “I BELIEVE in Christmas 2015” video featuring the ‘forgotten children of Dublin’ desperately in need warmth, shelter, food and a gift from Santa at Christmas swept Facebook and blog feeds across the country - exposing the serious situation of homelessness and dark reality of poverty. Highlighting figures of over 700 children and 2,500 families in Dublin currently living in emergency accommodation and over 1,400 daily calls from children during the Christmas period to ChildLine, the video was the first stepping-stone towards a new festive initiative aiming to bring the true spirit of Christmas back to the capital for the month of December 2015.  

At the core of this new concept “I Believe” is bringing a Rockefeller-style Christmas concept to Dublin. A large Norwegian Spruce Tree will be located at St George’s Dock for people near and far to visit, to admire, to give, to share and to believe. The iconic ‘Dublin Tree’ will belong to the community, representing protection, shelter and love and as a reminder that every child in Ireland should have the basic right to live in a warm and safe environment. The hope is that each day Dubliners can bring a gift to support Santa and those in need whilst enjoying traditional Christmas stories and post their letters in North Pole post office. In addition, an Irish food and craft market will also be created bringing the opportunity to support Irish goods and offer a festive retail outlet.




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