Trader Application

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Step 1

If the person running the site would not be the business owner, please supply the name and contact number for the site
Considering that the temperature will be cold in November / December, please advise what uniform / branded attire the staff on the stall would be wearing


Food Registration Certification

RGI Gas Certification

PAT Electrical Certification

Public Liability Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance

Onsite Services Required

Additional Information

Please include a picture of your goods

Attach Photo of stall from previous events

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Other Fields

Applications for shared pitches on the pontoon welcome. (Maximum of 6 within one pitch) Please supply more information here including whom you propose to share with and the dates that you are interested in
Applications for space within a shared retail shop inside The chq Building welcome. Please supply more information here
Discount for a business trading under 1 year at time of booking confirmation is 20%
Prices are net of VAT
All Prices quoted are inclusive of all electricity & water & refuse charges
All vendors must confirm display package before application process is completed. You will receive this information via email.
By Clicking the Submit button below, I confirm that all information supplied is accurate, that I agree to the Terms and Conditions set out by I BELIEVE TM and wish to be considered for the upcoming I BELIEVETM in Christmas Dublin Market in Custom House Quarter. I understand that by submitting this application, it does not guarantee a space at the I BELIEVETM Christmas Market and that I will be contacted by a representative to progress the application further.


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